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MNY Australia will help you find affordable financing tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re upgrading your car, buying a bigger home, or expanding your company, chances are you are going to waste a lot of time finding the right loan.

We simplify the process for you by finding you the right lenders for a fast and affordable loan, with a clear repayment schedule. With MNY’s sophisticated comparison engine, you don’t have to try and decipher the fine print – it’s all straightforward, simple and friendly.

Loans for Every Purpose
And Credit Score

Our audience is diverse. We deal with anything from those who need home loans in the millions of dollars, to small personal loans of $500. Whether you are an individual or business, with a good or a bad credit score, we can help you.

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Why Compare Loans with MNY?

  • All the Best Lenders in One Place:

    We work with the best known financing companies in car, home, personal and business loans. Our network spans across dozens of lenders whom we vetted individually.

  • Bespoke and Personalised Offers:

    When you see your rates, these aren’t just sticker prices copied from an ad. You’re seeing true offers that you’re already qualified for.

  • Free to Use:

    You get to access loan offers without having to pay anything, nor will you be charged a higher rate because of our referral. We won’t sell your data to any third parties without your consent.

  • Risk-Free Loan Shopping:

    You get to learn the exact costs of prospective loans with no impact on your credit score. You can always walk away if you don’t like our options—but we think you will.

Our Research

MNY is not just a loan comparison engine. It is also a comprehensive guide that aspires to educate Australian consumers about various cost aspects relating to homes and cars. That is why we have conducted comprehensive research about a variety of topics which can support your cost saving.


Transform Your Plans into Reality

Every day, thousands of Australians make plans for their next big purchase that will transform how they live, work, or travel. Home and auto financing are great tools to help you get where you’re going. They can help anyone, from a young family looking to buy their first home, to a growing company needing to expand their vehicle fleet.

Sadly, too many borrowers end up missing out on great deals because they don’t know how and where to find them. MNY’s goal is to connect individuals and organizations with the right lender.

Our algorithms pull the very best loan offers and present them to you at no cost and with zero risk. We go through hundreds of options and bring you the ones that most closely match your financial needs.

Engage with MNY and make better money decisions right now.