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Who are we?

We are MNY: a team of personal finance experts who review and compare Australian financial services. Our goal is to simplify the loan research and application process for both individuals and companies. 

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Why are we better than the competition?

Loan shoppers currently have the following options for finding the best deal:

  • Personally applying to several lenders
    Which is time-consuming and will ding your credit for each application, meaning your rates will only get worse
  • Using a finance broker
    Who’ll find multiple competitive rates, but will add a significant fee to whichever loan you end up picking (usually hundreds of dollars)
  • Reading an ordinary comparison page
    Which simply displays the cheapest advertised rates, not the rates that the average consumer is actually eligible for
  • Or using MNY

MNY brings all the upside and none of the downside from every other choice. Our advanced algorithm finds you the most compatible loan offers by using your information to match you with up to 11 lenders offering real, pre-qualified loans.

There are no ads, no markups, no paywalls, and no hidden fees. On top of everything, we’re so confident that we’ll find the best loan available, that we offer a $200 voucher if you can find a better deal than what we show you.

How are we free?

Our service is completely free of charge for our users, and we don’t get paid by any specific lenders to rank them higher than others. We do later get paid by the lender you end up choosing—whichever lender it is. That means we have no dog in this fight: our goal is to help you get the best deal. And if you don’t like any of our options, you get to walk away. No hard feelings.

For full transparency, please note that we do use Google Analytics cookies, but there is no other user data tracking.